talo-pieniDuring the Phd project I will make experiments with various kinds of reality adjustments (which are organized anomalies!) Here are some of them for inspiration!

ADJUSTMENT # 1: Original Gift
> Why gifts are given only to the people you already have a relationship with or interest in?

> Can you believe the stories about the origin of products?

> The Rules
1) Buy a lamb, name it and build a relationship with it.
2) Learn to shear the sheep. When the time comes,
shear it in a gentle manner.
3) Learn to wash and spin the wool.
4) Knit socks of the wool.
5) Give the socks to a random person, whose feet seem to be correct size. Tell her/him whole story – what kind of character the sheep has, where it lives, what phases did the work include. Do not give any other evidence.
6) Continue the cycle for the lifetime of the sheep.


ADJUSTMENT # 2: Reverse Pickpocketing

> Why do we think a person is stealing from us if seeing somebody nearby our belongings?

> The Rules
1) Insert valuables in the people’s pockets. Especially lottery tickets!


ADJUSTMENT # 3: Growing Apples

> Why are there no apples in rowans?

> The Rules
1) Get some apple tree branches.
2) Graft them into the rowans growing in the city and other public places.


ADJUSTMENT # 4: Unconventional Invitation
> Why it is not easy to take unconventional offers seriously?

> The Rules
1) Buy post cards depicting your home town
2) Send the cards to random people living in places where you have visited.
3) Write in the card: “I enjoyed visiting your home town X and because of that would like to invite you to visit my beautiful home town. I will pay half of the expenses and be your guide during your stay.”
4) Wait for the answer.


ADJUSTMENT # 5: The Simplest Act to Cause Embarrasment
> Why do we need push and pull stickers in doors?
A man wants to enter the cafe; but he tries pulling the door instead of pushing it” (Perec 2010, 24).

> The Rules
1) Print out some “push” and “pull” stickers
2) Attach them in the wrong side of the doors of a public building3. Wait and see what happens.


ADJUSTMENT # 6: Because You’re Worth of It
> Why only some kids get the Hymypoika statue (given because of being a nice friend)?

> The Rules
1) Borrow a statue and cast some copies of it.
2) Take them to public spaces to be picked up by anybody in need.